Third molars: risk of future extraction when retained estimated


This review of asymptomatic retained third molars included 7 prospective studies and found that the cumulative incidence for M3 extraction varied from 5 to 64% and was associated with the follow-up duration.

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Distraction osteogenesis: little evidence available of effectiveness in maxillary hypoplasia in cleft lip and palate patients


This review only found 1 study reported in 5 articles at high risk of bias that compared distraction osteogenesis to conventional orthognathic surgery for the treatment of maxillary hypoplasia in cleft lip and palate patients. More high quality trials are needed.

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Increased overjet: increases risk of dental trauma suggests review


This systematic review of a 54 observations studies involving >10,000 patients suggested that overjet over 3-4mm double the risk of traumatic dental injuries (TDIs). With 22% of TDIs being attributable to increased overjet.

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Root canal retreatment: review suggests microsurgery better than retreatment

shutterstock_17046487- endodontic treatment

This new review of root canal retreatment indirectly compares the outcomes of two approaches, non-surgical retreatment and microsurgery. Only 4 of the studies were RCTs but these did not involve direct comparison of the two approaches. Pooled success rates suggest better outcomes for the microsurgical approach.

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Dentine hypersensitivity following periodontal treatment reduced by use of desensitising paste


In this small trial the use of either an 8% arginine desensitising paste or prophy paste reduced dentine hypersensitivity after scaling but the arginine base paste was significantly better than the standard prophy paste.

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Implant overdentures improve satisfaction, chewing and bite force, suggests review


While 53 studies were included in this review of implant overdentures only a narrative summary of the outcomes of chewing ability, bite force and patient satisfaction could be presented. While all the studies were prospective, information about the quality and risk of bias in the included studies is not reported.

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Dentine hypersensitivity: most desensitising toothpastes provided benefit finds review


31 RCTs were identified for this review of desensitising toothpastes for dentine hypersensitivity. A wide range of agents were tested and most were found to be effective although the number of trials available for each agent was relatively small range from 3-8 studies.

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Oral hygiene: professional cleaning and motivation helped during orthodontic treatment


Eight RCTs were summarised in this review suggesting that regular patient motivation sessions and cleaning by a hygienist helped maintain good oral hygiene. No quantitative summaries was conducted so the magnitude of the benefit is unclear.

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Orthognathic surgery: antibiotic prophylaxis reduced surgical site infection


This new Cochrane review identified 11 RCTs and suggests that for those undergoing orthognathic surgery, long term antibiotic prophylaxis decreased the risk of surgical site infection compared with short-term regimens.

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