Health behaviour change counselling in a dental setting


Oral health professionals can play an important role in helping patients adopt good health behaviours. This review summarises 7 systematic reviews, finding that the strongest evidence is for smoking cessation and dietary interventions delivered by dental professionals.

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Periodontal disease: no clear evidence that full-mouth scaling superior to conventional treatment approaches


This updated Cochrane review now includes 12 trials. However, there is no clear evidence that full-mouth scaling or full-mouth disinfection provides additional benefit compared to conventional scaling and root planing.

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Peri-implantitis: lack of clarity on best self-management options


This review identified 11 small trials looking at self-management options for peri-implant disease. The quality of the available evidence for the best management strategies for peri-implant mucositis is limited at present.

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Periodontal disease: risk assessment may have promise


This review found 10 cohort studies related to 5 different periodontal risk assessment tools. The available evidence is limited in quality and should be interpreted with caution but suggests that they are able to identify subjects with different probability of periodontitis progression.

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Which interdental cleaning aids for managing gingivitis?


A number of reviews have been conducted of interdental cleaning aids. This meta-review brings together 6 reviews and finds only evidence of low quality for interdental brushes, floss, woodsticks and oral irrigators.

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Gingivitis: anti-inflammatory agents may be beneficial suggests review


A new review of anti-inflammatory agents for the management of gingivitis identified 14 studies. While the various anti-inflammatory agents showed benefit, the majority of the studies were at high risk of bias, so the results should be treated with caution.

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Caries: little evidence to support use of chlorhexidine varnishes or gels for prevention


This new Cochrane review included 8 trials, involving a total of 2,876 children finding little evidence to support or refute the use of chlorhexidine varnish or gel in reducing caries or mutans streptoccoci levels.

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Peri-implantitis: a common complication of dental implants?


A mean prevalence of 22% (CI: 14-30%) was found for peri-implantitis and 43% (CI: 32-54%) for peri-implant mucositis in this review which included 15 studies. However, owing to the level of heterogeneity the results should be treated with caution.

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Caries: review suggests a higher risk in HIV-infected children


This review included 5 case-controlled studies only 2 of which were at low risk of bias and suggested that HIV-infected children have a higher risk of cavitated caries in their primary teeth, OR = 2.98, 95% CI; 1.59-5.59.

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Professional plaque removal more effective with oral hygiene instruction


This is an update to a review first published 10 years ago. Only 3 new studies could be added. These provide some additional evidence that there is little value in providing professional plaque removal without oral hygiene instruction.

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