Orthodontic treatment for crowding: review found similar results with early and late extractions


This new review looks at early or late premolar extraction for the orthodontic treatment of severe crowding. However, only seven retrospective studies are available so it is difficult to assess which protocol is more effective.

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Patient-centred dental care: review finds poor understanding of the term in the limited available literature


Within the NHS the patient experience has become an important quality measure. These have been modeled on the Picker Principles of patients -centered care (PCC). This review assesses the evidence-base for PCC in dentistry and finds little research and poor understanding.

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Sealing non-cavitated proximal lesions- review suggests it can reduce caries progression

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Interest in the use of sealants to protect smooth tooth surfaces is growing. This review of 10 small short-term studies found some evidence to suggest if could be effective in preventing caries progression but larger better quality long-term studies are needed.

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Temporomandibular arthoscopy may be better than arthrocentesis for temporomandibular joint disorder


The review compares the effectiveness of arthroscopy and arthrocentesis for temporomandibular joint disorders that do not respond non-surgical approaches. Analysis suggests that arthrocentesis is slightly better but only a small number of small studies are available.

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Dental implant failures reduced with prophylactic antibiotic suggests review

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This new review covers similar ground to the 2013 Cochrane review. It includes non-randomised controlled trials, but as with the Cochrane review the findings suggest that antibiotics reduce early implant failure.

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Full arch dental hybrid prosthesis and supporting dental implants – survival rates


Dominic Hurst comments on this new review that looks at short and long-term survival of implant supported full arch fixed dental hybrid prostheses. While shot-term survival rates look promising fewer studies are available to assess longer term outcomes.

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Periodontitis: review suggests association with increased carotid intima-media thickness


We look at another new review that considers an association between periodontitis and a surrogate marker of cardiovascular disease. Most of the included studies are observational and they suggests an association between increased carotid intima-media thickness and periodontitis

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Orthodontic treatment; can it be accelerated by surgical and non-surgical approaches?

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With typical orthodontic treatment taking 18-24 months there is pressure to reduce the time it takes. This review considers a range of potential options but there is limited quality evidence for most of the techniques identified.

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Immediate loading may increase dental implant failure compared to conventional loading


Dominic Hurst reports on a new systematic review comparing immediate implant loading protocols with conventional protocols that suggests greater risks of failure with immediate loading in contrast to a recent Cochrane review which found no difference.

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