Xylitol in toothpaste may provide small additional benefit over fluoride toothpastes


This Cochrane review included 10 studies and found low quality evidence that fluoride toothpaste containing xylitol may be more effective than fluoride-only toothpaste for preventing caries in the permanent teeth. The evidence for other xylitol products is insufficient to assess effectiveness.

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Atraumatic restorative treatment for older adults


This randomised controlled trial compares atraumatic restorative treatment in older patients to conventional care finding no statistically significant difference at 2 years.

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Crown preparation – limited high quality evidence available


This review pulls together 117 studies on biological parameters, preparation geometry, and technical conditions of crown preparation. However only 23 of the studies are clinical providing limited evidence for crown preparation.

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Passive smoking: linked with non-syndromic orofacial clefts


This review included 15 retrospective case-controlled studies and found that Maternal passive smoking was associated with an increased risk in non-syndromic orofacial clefts OR= 2.11, (95% CI: 1.54-2.89)

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Interceptive orthodontics: limited evidence available


This review of interceptive orthodontic treatments included 22 studies. However, there were only a small number of studies available for the range of interventions in use. Consequently there is a lack of evidence on whether there is a benefit over and above commencing treatment later.

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Direct anterior restorations have good survival rates


This review of direct anterior restorative materials included 21 studies and covered a wide range of materials and adhesive systems. Overall the failure rates were low for both class III and class IV restorations.

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Oral health improvement in care homes


This cluster randomised controlled trial looked at changes in knowledge and attitudes in care homes following the introduction of an oral health care protocol. Significant improvements in knowledge were seen but no changes in attitudes.

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Orthodontic treatment: does it impact on quality of life?


A 3-year school-based cohort study found that oral health related quality of life improved in young people over time whether or not they had undergone orthodontic treatment.

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Tooth preparation for crowns


This review of tooth preparation for crowns focuses mainly on the total occlusal convergence angle (TOC). The traditionally recommended 2-4 degree TOC was seen to be unachievable in the clinical situation.

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Non-surgical periodontal treatment – is there a role for systemic antibiotics?


This review update includes 23 new studies comparing the effects of antibiotic therapy adjunctive to scaling and root planning for periodontal disease. While some additional benefit was shown the authors could not establish definitive conclusions and guidelines regarding their use.

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