Paucity of high-quality evaluations of the relative effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and safety of dental auxiliaries


This new Cochrane review looks at studies assessing the effectiveness, costs and cost effectiveness of dental auxiliaries in providing care traditionally provided by dentists. Only 5 studies, the majority conducted more than 20 years ago could be included so no firm conclusions can be made.

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Can treating periodontitis help prevent heart disease?

heart attack

Periodontal disease is associated with cardiovascular disease. This Cochrane review looks at whether treating periodontal disease can prevent further heart disease. Unfortunately the available evidence is limited to a single trial at high risk of bias.

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Elf Break


The Dental Elf is taking a short break and will be back on the 1st September.

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Review suggests that surgical anchorage is more effective than conventional anchorage for orthodontic treatment


This recent update of a Cochrane review considers the question as to whether surgical or conventional anchorage is more effective. Surgical anchorage was more effective but there is limited information on patient reported outcomes such as pain.

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Fixed or removable appliances for treating anterior crossbite in the mixed dentition?


We look at a small RCT that compares fixed and removable appliances for treating anterior crossbite in the mixed dentition.

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Orthodontic treatment of posterior crossbite


Treatment of posterior crossbite was rated in the top 10 most important orthodontic reviews by an international panel of oral health professionals as part of a Cochrane Oral Health Group prioritisation exercise. This new update to this Cochrane review found some evidence to suggest that the quad-helix (fixed) appliance may be more successful than removable expansion plates at correcting posterior crossbites. However, it is mainly low to very low quality.

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Pulp treatments for primary molars


This new Cochrane review update finds no evidence to clearly identify one superior pulpotomy medicament and technique for primary molars.

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Periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis


This recent systematic reviews asks: Does periodontal treatment influence clinical and biochemical measures for rheumatoid arthritis? The answer is that there’s insufficient evidence to know.

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