Trial shows biannual application of silver diamine fluoride better than annual application at arresting caries


There has been a recent surge of interest in use of sliver-fluoride regimens for caries control as sadly dental caries is still a significant problem worldwide.  The aim of this trial was to compare the effectiveness of annual topical application of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) solution, semi-annual topical application of SDF solution, and annual application [read the full story...]

Sealants, fluoride varnish and silver diamine fluoride compared


Dental caries is unfortunately still a common problem among children worldwide.  Cochrane reviews have shown the effectiveness of pit and fissure sealants (Hiiri et al  2009)  and fluoride varnishes (Marinho et al 2002) . While other reviews have found silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to be effective (Rosenblatt et al 2009).  The aim of this trial [read the full story...]